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By Michelle Zimmerman

Tools and Materials
Friendly Plastic® 7″ Designer Sticks–Print Rainbow/Black, Dark Teal/Black
Fun Wire™–Red 18 gauge
Rub-on letters
Tan textured cardstock
Pink textured cardstock
Tim Holtz Distress Ink–Vintage Photo
Needle and Red Cotton
E-6000 Glue or similar
Envirotex Lite (optional)
Pearl Ex Sparkling Copper (optional)
Mid size and small heart shape cookie cutters (approx. 1 1/4″ and 3/4″ high)
Paper adhesive
Container with water and a few drops of olive oil
Heat Gun, Skillet, Pan of Hot Water, or Oven
Scissors (Tim Holtz micro serrated scissors from Tonic are recommended)
Ranger Craft Sheet
Wire working tools
Mixing supplies for Envirotex Lite (optional)

Step 1
From the rainbow colored Friendly Plastic®, cut off all the colors from one edge so that yellow and red are the top most colors. Then cut the Friendly Plastic® rainbow strip as shown into a serrated edge ensuring that the red and yellow are positioned at the points as they are the colors for the flames. Lay the serrated sheet on top of the Dark Teal sheet as shown. Place on the Ranger Craft Sheet on top of the AMACO® Work Mat. Heat the layered strips of Friendly Plastic® until you can see them starting to melt together.

Step 2
Using a needle tool, pull through the teal colored Friendly Plastic® down into the rainbow sheet. Pull the red color up through the yellow and into the teal to make the flames. This will take a few passes to do, so take your time making the flame shapes.



Step 3
While the Friendly Plastic® is still warm, take the mid size heart cookie cutter and dip it into the water and olive oil mix. Use it to press out a heart shape from the flamed piece. Make sure that the red/blue color is at the pointed end and the teal is at the top. Repeat and cut a small heart shape. Allow the Friendly Plastic® to cool in the cutter before removing it so it doesn’t stick to the cutter.


Step 4
Following the manufacturer’s directions, mix sufficient Envirotex Lite to cover the piece. I recommend using the two cup mixing method described on the container. Add a pinch of Pearl Ex Sparkling Copper to the second cup, mix these in and pour the mixed solution over the front of the heart pieces. Wipe away any excess and set aside until completely set.



Step 5
To assemble, cut four 6″ lengths of red Fun Wire™. Twist into a frame shape using the image as a guide. Trim the tan cardstock to an irregular shape just larger than the frame. Trim a strip of tan cardstock to 3 1/2″ x 1″ and cut an irregular shape from it for the bottom of the card. Trim a sheet of pink cardstock to 6″ x 7″ and fold in half to make a card 3 1/2″ x 6″ in size. Ink around the edges of the card and the edges of the tan cardstock with Vintage Photo Ink.


Step 6
Assemble the card by first stitching the wire frame to the tan cardstock using a few simple stitches. Adhere the tan cardstock with the wire frame attached to the front of the card–use the image as a placement guide. Attach the strip of tan cardstock across the bottom of the card. Adhere the rub-on letters I and YOU to the tan strip and then glue the smaller heart in place using E6000 glue. Adhere the larger heart in the middle of the frame using E6000 glue and set aside until dry.

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