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Finished necklace created with Friendly Plastic beads


Friendly Plastic® 7" Designer sticks: Gold Spectra
Friendly Plastic® Scraps
AMACO® Needle Tool
Griddle (set at 200-250 degrees)
Jewelry Supplies and Findings
Small Bowl of Ice Water
Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

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Cut various sizes from the gold spectra stick

1. Cut varied size sections from the Gold Spectra Friendly Plastic® stick. The larger the section…the larger the finished bead will be.


Cut pieces from scrap Friendly Plastic

2. Cut several small, random size pieces of Friendly Plastic® in colors of your choice or from remaining scraps you may have on hand. I used scraps left over from my Fracture and Fusion Technique.


Arrange pieces on the silicone mat

3. Creating one bead at a time; arrange the small confetti pieces, foil side down onto the silicone baking mat.


Place baking mat onto the pre-heated griddle

4. Place the Gold Spectra Friendly Plastic® stick foil side down on top of the confetti pieces. Place the baking mat onto the pre-heated griddle and allow the plastic to soften and fuse together. Approximately 3 to 4 minutes.


Roll edges of plastic towards center

5. Remove the baking mat from the heat. Moisten your fingers with water so they don’t stick the plastic. Begin to roll the outside edges of the plastic in towards the center.


Fold plastic in half

6. Try to cover as much of the black backing as possible. Fold the plastic in half, making sure to cover the inside area.


Roll the plastic into a ball

7. Moisten palms of hand, pick the plastic up and roll into a ball or random shape nugget.


Place the bead into the bowl of ice water

8. Place the bead into the ice water for about 15 seconds to harden the outer shell. The center will remain soft and pliable, which makes creating the hole very easy.


Pierce the bead with the needle tool

9. Remove the bead from the water. Using the needle tool, pierce a hole through the bead. Work the needle tool back and forth through the bead until it slides out easily.

TIP: Lubricating the needle tool with oil or vaseline will help keep it from sticking.

Place the bead back into the water to finish hardening.


Finished beads

10. Repeat this process for each bead.


Finished red and gold necklace Finished green and blue necklace Finished charm bracelet


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