• Arduino USB Host Shield (Google Android SDK)
    • Arduino USB Host Shield (Google Android SDK)
    • Arduino USB Host Shield (Google Android SDK)
  1. Arduino USB Host Shield (Google Android SDK)
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    120,00TL (%18 KDV dahil)

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    Google Android ADK fonksiyonu ile çalıştırabileceğimiz uygulamalar için. Telefonda min. 2.3.4, tablette 3.1 Android versiyonu gereklidir. Uyumluluk:
    Arduino diecimila / duemilanove 328
    Arduino uno 328
    Arduino mega 2560
    Arduino mega 1280

    Arduino ADK Shield is based on Android Open Accessory Development Kit(ADK). Arduino ADK Shield has many added features like I/O, smaller form-factor, better placement of reset button, pads for more pin-headers. Using Arduino ADK Shield With Arduino to build your own Mobile accessories. Open Source Android development platform and Arduino ADK Shield With Arduino is an ideal solution for mobile based Home Automation.

    Arduino ADK Shield supports Android devices:Tablet PC v3.1 and Mobile Phone v2.3.4 and above with Google Open Accessories API (ADK).

    Arduino ADK Shield can compatible with Arduino Mega 2560、Arduino Uno 328、Arduino Diecimila/Duemilanove 328.

    Arduino ADK Shield support USB HOST mode,support HUB protocol.
    1. Supports Android Mobile Phone:G1, Nexus One, Nexus S, Motorola Droid X with Android v2.3.4 and above devices

    2. Arduino Uno 328 ,Arduino Diecimila/Duemilanove 328 ,Arduino Mega 2560(recommend)and Arduino Mega 1280 Compatible

    3. Hardware nRF24L01

    4. 5 Servo Port

    5. 1 Hardware TWI (I2C)

    6. 1 Hardware SPI

    7. Support USB HOST mode,support HUB protocol

    8. The SPI interface has been moved to ICSP header making shield compatible out of the box with “big” Arduinos – Mega and 2560. Standard size boards, such as Duemilanove, UNO, as well as clones with classic connector layout, are also compatible with this revision of the shield. This compatibility is maintained on a software level as well – all necessary code changes are performed using conditional compilation preprocessor directives.

    9. USB connector has been moved to the opposite side of the board. All external connectors are now in the same place making enclosure layout easier.

    10. MAX3421E RESET line is no longer handled by dedicated Arduino pin. While MAX_RESET pin is still used in current version of USB Host library, it will be dropped from the next major revision of the code.

    11. Besides “Mega-formfactor” compatibility, connecting to Arduino SPI signals on ICSP connector has several advantages. First of all, in this layout traces are much shorter and as a result, the shield works more reliably at higher SPI speeds and/or larger signal and power noise. Second, since the 2X3 connector, which comes bundled with the shield, is of ‘stackable’ variety, it is possible to connect AVR Dragon or other ICSP programmer to Arduino while Arduino ADK Shield is mounted – picture on the left shows the arrangement. Finally, pins 11-13, occupied by SPI signals on “classic” Arduinos, are vacant on Megas and also uncommitted on the shield. Therefore, they can be used for other purposes without USB library code modifications.

    How to Building Google ADK hardware from standard components



    Arduino Library 
    Google ADK



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